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CuffsKnitted Filters

Knitted cuffs can be color matched for your specific needs. Fire resistant cuffs can be made using flame retardant yarns.

  • Fire fighter protective layers
  • Cuffs for work gloves, medical garments, and safety gear


Protective Sleeves

Protective sleeves can be made of special yarns to offer additional protection.

  • Fire resistant yarns for furnaces or ovens
  • Kevlar or poly blends for abrasion resistance
  • Cotton protective cover for minor irritants or paint over-spray


StrainersKnitted Filters

Strainers can be made of a variety of materials, in a wide range of sizes and filtration capacities.

  • Remove solids from wastewater
  • Remove impurities from latex, paint, and a variety of liquids


SocksKnitted Filters

Socks can be made of many materials depending on the sock's purpose.

  • Covering filter elements
  • Support sock to hold filter media and absorption material
  • Protects parts from scratches during shipping


Filter Covers

Although some filters require very specific covers others just need something to catch whatever is being filtered out.

  • Bag filters
  • Dust filters
  • Outer wrap first stage of filtration


Tubular Stockinette

Non-sterile utility item for the medical industry.

  • Under casts
  • Over dressings
  • With cervical collars
  • Orthopedic appliances


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