About Murray Fabrics

Providing quality circular knitting since 1955.

At Murray Fabrics we maintain a complete circular knitting and sewing facility. We make bags, covers, and filters. At Murray Fabrics, there is no such thing as a "standard tubing", we manufacture what you want for your specific application. We can either use your existing specifications or work with you to develop the best solution.

We pride ourselves on excellent product quality, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

Our knitting shop is well stocked with many different machines that can all run simultaneously, allowing us to produce very large, and very small orders in a timely fashion. Because we stock many types of yarn, even small orders can be produced on a low budget. However, even if you require a specific yarn that we do not stock, we would be happy to order it for you*.

One of our large capacity wide width and stretch circular knitters, that rolls up the finished product after knitting.

One of our narrow width and stretch circular knitters, that also rolls up finished product after knitting.

Each is equipped with an electronic eye that shuts them down when a knitting defect occurs - one of our many quality control safeguards.
*Special order items may have minimum order requirements.


Address: 837 E. 79 Street, Cleveland Ohio 44103, Phone: 216-881-4041 Fax: 216-881-8957 Email: info@murrayfabrics.com

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